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Selling into K-12 Accounts Cisco Meraki - FY16

Cisco Meraki: who we are and what we do

  • Complete cloud-managed networking solution
    Wireless, switching, security, WAN optimization, MDM Integrated hardware, software, and cloud services
  • Leader in cloud-managed networking
    Among Cisco's fastest-growing portfolios Over 100% annual growth Tens of millions of devices connected worldwide
  • Recognized for innovation
    Gartner Magic Quadrant InfoWorld Technology of the Year CRN Coolest Technologies

Trusted in thousands of K-12 campuses

Trusted in thousands of K-12 campuses

Why choose Cisco Meraki for the K-12 environment

Intuitive centralized management

  • No training, no complex command line
  • Seamlessly control devices across sites
  • Packet capture, Live Tools and diagnostics

Flexibility for distributed schools & campuses

  • Single pane of glass visibility into all devices
  • Zero-touch site provisioning
  • Seamless updates from the cloud

Industry-leading visibility, control, & security

  • Fingerprints users, applications, and devices
  • Network-wide monitoring and alerts
  • Full stack solution: APs, switches, Security, MDM
  • CIPA-compliant content, security filtering

Intuitive centralized management

Centralized Network Management

Centralized Network Management

  • Single pane of glass - device, user, and application visibility
  • Self-provisioning devices automatically download configurations from cloud
  • Identity-based filtering rules and application bandwidth management
  • Auto VPN connects remote sites securely, without on-site IT intervention

In-depth monitoring capabilites

In-depth monitoring capabilites

Granular Reporting

  • Who is using the network?
  • What are they using the network for?
  • Devices, applications, websites, and more

Ease of Use

  • No training required for staff
  • Single pane-of-glass visibility across schools/networks
  • Alerting features
  • Integrated with Google Maps

Designed for distributed schools and campuses

Large deployment ready

Large deployment ready

Flexible for any location

  • Deploy as many devices as you need
  • Plug and play devices for quick deployment
  • Eliminates need for hardware controller
  • Enables scalable mobile device deployments
  • One touch provisioning

Self-healing wireless mesh

  • Extend coverage seamlessly to hard to wire areas
  • Stadiums, remote buildings, etc.
  • Improve overall network reliability

Reliability for high number of devices

Network Usage

  • Airtime fairness for equal client bandwidth distribution
  • Seamless and fast roaming throughout wireless environment
  • High performance Access Points

Channel Saturation

  • Auto RF optimization to adapt to challenging conditions
  • Continuous monitoring to maximize network-wide performance

Quality of Service

  • Simple, 2 mouse click implementation
  • Ensure flawless multimedia streaming
  • Flexible, deep packet inspection for consistent traffic shaping

Reliability for high number of devices

Industry-leading visibility, control, & security

Rich, integrated reporting for K-12

Rich, integrated reporting for K-12

  • Deep insight into network usage:
    • Identify applications, users, and devices (iPhone, Android, iPads, etc.)
    • Application traffic statistics, classify encrypted and P2P apps (Skype, BitTorrent, etc.)
  • Real-time search and historical reporting
  • Visibility into applications and websites visited by students and teachers
  • Monthly email summary reports to share with faculty and teachers

Device management & control

Policies by Device Types

  • Ownership models for device separation/monitoring
  • Rules based on VLAN tags, users, device types

Layer 7 Application Filters

  • Limit or block unwanted/recreational content on devices
  • Flexible, fine-grained changes based on identity, device, etc.
  • Zero configuration, integrates with NAC and device-based policy firewalls

Application Management

  • Deploy applications (VPP) and reclaim apps
  • Enforce restrictions, set security policies, monitor hardware and software vitals

Access Control

  • 802.1X with RADIUS integration: Active Directory, LDAP, etc
  • Custom splash pages, NAC, LAN isolation, VLAN tagging
  • Numerous SSIDs for different user groups
  • Device-based policies: firewall/traffic shaping rules, bandwidth limits, etc.

Firewall Rules

  • User and content aware firewall in each access point
  • Block or throttle access at the application level

Wireless Intrusion Protection

  • Real-time detection and containment of wireless threats
  • Attack profile identification: rogue SSID, spoofing, packet floods
  • Immediate threat alerts via e-mail and SMS

Rock-soild UTM for district-wide organizations

Enterprise security & control in every MX

  • Stateful Layer 7 firewall
  • Integrated SourceFire SNORT IDS/IPS
  • Content filtering, Google Safe search, anti-virus/anti-phishing, YouTube for schools, built-in web caching
  • Group-based policies to throttle, prioritize, block apps

Easy to deploy & manage

  • Zero-touch site provisioning
  • Auto-VPN in 3 clicks
  • Configuration templates for multi-site management
  • Network-wide monitoring and alerts
  • Seamless updates

Securing the wired network

MS switch in K-12 environments

Lock down wired LAN access

  • 802.1X access policies require either user or device-based authentication
  • Easily block all port access except to specific whitelisted devices

Reduce window of exposure

  • Time-based port schedules can disable ports during off-hours
  • Network-wide monitoring and alerts

Prevent wired hijacking

  • Integrated rogue DHCP server containment at no additional cost or licensing

Where is Cisco Meraki a fit for K-12?

Accounts looking for ease of management

  • Over-leveraged network engineers
  • Small IT staffs
  • Distributed networks with limited technical coverage

Accounts with cloud initiatives

  • Accounts with stated goals of "moving to the cloud"
  • Accounts that want a network that simply works without added cost and complexity

Accounts that have both on-prem and cloud mixed environments

  • Large campuses with heavy Cisco investment can also be a Meraki fit
  • Example: Large district with Cisco on-premise that has satellite buildings…perfect fit for Meraki wireless and switching

Benefits of Cisco Meraki

Simplicity, ease of use

  • Faster deployment with fewer errors

User, device, and application-level control

  • Available across entire line (access points, security appliances, switches, MDM)

Integrated MDM

  • Complete with deep management capabilities and control, included at no cost

Feature velocity

  • New features released every quarter, such as analytics, reporting, automated security audits, hosted splash pages

Unified cloud management

  • Wireless, wired, and security under a single pane of glass

Case study: Milpitas Unified School District

  • California school district with 14 schools and 10,000 students
  • Deployed 200 Cisco Meraki Ethernet switches, cloud-managed firewall, and 800 wireless APs
  • Enabled 1:1 Google Chromebook deployment and BYOD initiative
  • Application visibility and control optimizes bandwidth across 10k+ clients

"The Cisco Meraki Dashboard, the traffic shaping, and the MDM were real advantages. We can see the traffic and devices on the fly." Chin Song, Director of Technology, Milpitas Unified School District

Case study: Lee's Summit School District

  • Missouri K-12 school district with 35 schools, 18,000 students
  • Beat out incumbents Aruba, Sonicwall, and HP with a unified solution for their 1:1 initiative (Google Chromebooks)
  • Deployed 350 Cisco Meraki 48-Port switches, 8 cloud-managed firewalls, MDM, and 1600 Cloud Managed APs (indoor + outdoor)
  • Cisco Catalyst 4500-X/Nexus at the Core/Distribution
  • 5M total opportunity, including 1.7M in Cisco Meraki

"The ability to deploy policies across tablets, wireless, switching, and security from a single pane of glass was the deciding factor to purchase Cisco Meraki." Storry Seifert, Product Sales Specialist, Cisco Meraki

E-Rate Eligibility

  • All Cisco Meraki hardware is 100% E-Rate eligible
  • Most licenses 100% eligible for E-Rate funding*
  • Turn competitive e-Rate bids around quickly and WIN more with the help of our dedicated team
  • Check out our E-Rate Training deck for more information

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