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Cisco Meraki Solutions: 802.11ac
802.11ac Performance with Dedicated Air Marshal Radio

A Beauty & A Beast

Up to 3 times faster WiFi. 100% compatibility.


The Cisco Meraki MR34 sets the new standard in wireless. Designed specifically for high density and next generation deployments, it's the world's fastest cloud-managed wireless access point.

Using wider channel bandwidths, more efficient transmission technologies, and less crowded channels at 5 GHz help the MR34 achieve speeds up to 1.75 Gbps, while also providing administrators complete visibility and control.

Channel Bandwidth

The MR34 doubles the channel bandwidth - the size of the pipe used to transmit data - to a full 80 MHz. These wider channels enable faster transmissions and increase aggregate performance in dense multi-client environments.


With enhanced modulation, the MR34 encodes data more efficiently. Sending more data over the air in less time, the MR34 can support more clients at once, and speeds uploads and downloads of large files and video.


The MR34’s 802.11ac radio operates exclusively in the 5 GHz band, a less-crowded spectrum enabling wider channels with less interference. A second radio is dedicated to supporting legacy 802.11b/g/n clients at 2.4 GHz.

Dedicated Security

The MR34 includes the industry’s first cloud-managed third radio dedicated to optimizing the RF environment and securing the airwaves. This third radio is dual-band, providing spectrum intelligence across 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies and full-time security protection from network vulnerabilities.

So Smart

Software that optimizes and secures your wireless network

Auto RF

Auto RF aggregates network-wide spectrum analytics through the Cisco Meraki cloud platform to automatically determine access point power levels and channel assignments. The full-time scanning capabilities of the dedicated third radio allow the MR34 to dynamically adjust and optimize the RF environment for connecting clients.

Air Marshal

The MR34 features a dedicated scanning and rogue AP containment system without interrupting client traffic. Its built in wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) scans the wireless environment for vulnerabilities and neutralizes threats such as nearby rogue APs.

Traffic Shaping

Prioritize mission critical applications like VoIP and throttle or block recreational applications such as YouTube or P2P file sharing, even at faster 802.11ac speeds. The MR34 includes an integrated Layer 7 packet inspection, classification, and control engine, enabling you to set QoS policies based on traffic type.

A True Fit

The MR34 integrates seamlessly into existing wireless environments

Upgrading a wireless network has never been easier. The MR34 supports existing 11a/b/g/n clients to make migration simple. Deploy the MR34 to add 802.11ac capacity into an existing WiFi network, and manage everything from the dashboard. Even use existing PoE infrastructure and upgrade to PoE+ (802.3at) when you’re ready to take advantage of advanced third radio security and optimization.