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Cisco Meraki Solutions: Campus Edge
The most robust cloud managed network, enabling massively-scaled deployments with tens of thousands of switches or APs

Cisco Meraki delivers the most robust cloud managed network, enabling massively-scaled deployments with tens of thousands of switches or APs. Support hundreds of thousands of end users in a single network without lengthy provisioning, training, or performance bottlenecks.

Centrally manage networks of massive scale

Cisco Meraki products come with centralized cloud management right out of the box, enabling administrators to centrally manage networks of all sizes - from small sites with a handful of devices to massive locations with thousands of switches and access points that connect hundreds of thousands of end-user devices to the network.

Deploy thousands of APs and switches

Zero-touch provisioning shortens deployment and configuration time from weeks or days to minutes. Cisco Meraki devices automatically connect to the Cisco Meraki cloud over a secure link, register with their network, and download their configuration. There's no need to manually stage APs or log in to switches for manual configuration and provisioning. Cisco Meraki APs use Auto RF to self-configure and optimize RF settings for maximum performance, even in dense and challenging environments.

Use virtual stacking to manage hundreds of switches from a single pane-of-glass, without having to physically interconnect switches. Even under dynamic conditions, wireless APs continue to automatically adapt to changing performance and interference conditions, without the need for tedious and manual tuning of wireless parameters.

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Instantly troubleshoot using real-time tools

Traditionally, troubleshooting issues on large network deployments is a cumbersome and tedious process involving overlay software with limited visibility, searching through pages of support manuals, and manually running command line procedures.

Cisco Meraki's integrated real-time tools let you instantly search and find a client on the network, regardless of location, identify connectivity issues, and make on-the-spot performance measurements on any part of the network at any time, right from the Cisco Meraki dashboard.

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Enforce policies at the network edge

Firewall rules, NAC quarantines, application traffic shaping, and bandwidth throttling - all are applied at the edge of the network, ensuring robust security policy enforcement and minimizing wasted bandwidth.

Cisco Meraki client fingerprinting technology immediately recognizes iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices, and even lets you apply more restrictive device-specific policies, even for unknown devices.

Leverage the power of distributed packet processing

Cisco Meraki executes packet processing at the edge. Each wireless access point features a high performance CPU that enforces layer 3-7 firewall policies, application QoS, Network Access Control (NAC), and more. Switches feature a full non-blocking switch fabric for maximum performance and enhanced CPU and memory for Layer 7 client fingerprinting and QoS. Cisco Meraki networks scale seamlessly: add capacity by simply deploying more devices, without concern for controller bottlenecks or choke points.

Maximize uptime through automated monitoring and alerts

Maintaining the network infrastructure is simplified through automated 24x7 monitoring that performs continuous testing for WAN connectivity, latency, and other metrics, maximizing infrastructure uptime and ensuring reliability. E-mail alerts notify administrators in case of infrastructure downtime, power loss, or configuration changes on any part of the network, regardless of size.

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View aggregate summary data for the entire network

Understanding the behavior, activity, and performance of large networks can be difficult and tedious, requiring manual aggregation of data from different points of infrastructure and multiple overlay tools. Cisco Meraki's integrated summary reports take care of the data crunching, presenting summary data in an easy-to-read format, delivered on-demand and via monthly email reports.

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