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Cisco Meraki Sensors: 4 for 2 Promo
Get 4 for the price of 2

Cisco Meraki Sensors: 4 for 2 Promo Banner

Promotion Details

Between August 18, 2021 and January 29, 2022, Cisco Meraki customers can receive a discount on Meraki MT hardware and 1-year licensing, effectively purchasing four sensors and licenses for the price of two.

Promotional Products

Eligible Meraki SKUs

Cisco Meraki Eligible Sensors SKUs
Description SKU
Cisco Meraki MT10 sensor
Cisco Meraki MT11 sensor MT11-HW
Cisco Meraki MT12 sensor MT12-HW
Cisco Meraki MT20 sensor MT20-HW
Meraki MT Enterprise License and Support, 1 Year LIC-MT-1Y

*Please Note: Each Meraki MT sensor requires a license to operate.

MT sensors can be added as a “mix-and-match” as long as the total SKUs in the cart is four (4) HW units.


Who qualifies for this promotion?
All customers who are interested in purchasing a Meraki MT environmental sensor.

Is this promotion stackable with other discounts?
This promotion cannot be used with any existing Meraki-only pricing offers. Please contact us for more info.

Is there a limit on this promotion?
There is a limit of one redemption per customer, a maximum of four MT sensors for the price of two; any additional sensors will be honored at standard pricing.

Which countries/regions are eligible for the offer?
This promotion is available in the U.S., Canada, LATAM, EEA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, ASEAN, SAARC, India, Republic of Korea.

When does this promotion expire?
All orders must be booked by January 29, 2022.

Where can I find pricing?
You can reach to our Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist here.

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